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The Ask Your Coach is very instrumental in shaping the future of cricketers by providing cricket coaching tips. Use the 'Ask your Coach' feature to mail your doubts.... more

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Cricket is serious business in India, and cricket stars, as we know, are next only to God. But what we are perhaps not aware of is that a lot goes into retaining... more


"Kris Srikkanth's rich experience in cricket has enabled him as a good coach to train the youngsters using today's latest technology in all... more
Rahul Dravid - Cricketer, India
"A very good initiative by Srikkanth using technology to motivate young individuals. A lot of valuable in sights having been an opener, captain and coach... more
VVS Laxman - Cricketer, India


  • Batting

    To be played when the ball is pitched short, on or just outside off stump, but not wide...
  • Bowling

    There are 2 recommended actions is given below that are considered safe where the hips...
  • Training

    The ability of a person to cope up with the demand either physical or psychological and to harness...
  • Fitness

    Fitness test is used to assess an individual's strength and weakness in specific components of...
  • Catching

    Slips and Close in Catching are highly specialized positions. Mainly because the ball takes...
  • Wicket Keeping

    Always ensure a clear view of the bowlers hand in delivery. To spinners, crouch with the inside leg...


  • Straight Drive

    To be played when the ball is slightly over-pitched on middle and off. Come on the front-foot to the pitch... Click Here
  • Square Cut

    To be played when the ball is short pitched, slightly outside off stump Shift body weight on to the back foot... Click Here
  • Pull Shot

    To be played when the ball is pitched short, and is coming on to the off stumps or the batsman’s body... Click Here
  • Batting Grip

    A correct grip gives your batting the full flair and does not restrict your range of shots... Click Here
  • Guard

    Taking guard gives you an idea about your position relative to the stumps. An idea about your position... Click Here
  • Batting Stance

    Place feet comfortable apart, not to loose or too wide. Keep the weight on the balls of your feet... Click Here



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